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My experience in Jamaica is one that will stay will me forever. I’ve been on a few out-of-state trips with my previous schools and I always got the tourist-y vibe from them.When we would go on these trips, we never cared about the impact that we were having on whatever place we were going to. With that being said, there were probably a lot of “things”, good and bad, that we left at the places that we were merely guests of.

I’ve been on one out-of-the-country trip with my high school and while we were more respectful of the culture, environment, and people, we were still only there for our entertainment.¬†Before going on this trip, Agnes prepared all of the first years with two courses. In these two courses, we became well-versed in the impacts that the United States alone can have on other countries. These impacts have allowed me to become more self aware and a better global citizen. I am glad that I had this opportunity.


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