1. Identify, explain, and analyze global themes, processes and systems10. Interpret quantitative information or demonstrate the methods of inquiry appropriate for investigating the natural world11. Analyze human behavior or social relation3. Critically examine the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or group5. Recognize, analyze and evaluate arguments6. Articulate and appraise problems and solutions from multiple perspectives, critically considering diverse sources of informationSUM400

Jamaica’s Biggest Commodity


One of Jamaica’s main export commodities is its sugar cane and we saw fields of it everywhere. We even got a chance to chop the sugar cane ourselves. Jamaica has a very rich and interesting history. Included in that history is the Chinese immigrants brought over as indentured servants around the 19th century. Throughout the trip, I remember hearing about the dynamic between the Chinese and the Jamaicans but also of the dynamic of Jamaicans of a lighter complexion and those of a darker complexion. There is a huge colorism issue in Jamaica. So much so that some Jamaicans invest in bleaching their skin. Learning the history of Jamaica, we were able to examine the relationship between two different cultures and analyze the tensions and dynamic between the them.

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