Swerving Down the Street


So, is it weird that I find this video extremely satisfying? It’s almost like I’m on a rollercoaster. By the way, filming in the car is not easy especially when you don’t have anything to hold the camera with. I had to prop the camera on the dashboard and pray that it wouldn’t slide every where but it did anyway. In this video, I was driving my Dad’s truck and I was really whipping the heck out of it. I had to calm down when I was driving or the camera might’ve slide right out the window. This time I tried to be more aware of not getting too close to any cars because I can’t figure out how to blur out license plate’s.

I spent the majority of my day today trying to figure out how to blur things and I found some alternatives along the way. One of the methods I learned was to simply screen shot a small part of the screen, put the screens hotted picture above the part of the video that needed to be covered and to change the screenshot to ‘picture in picture’. Then you can change the size and position. I tried this but the problem for me is that the area I wanted to cover was constantly moving.

I knew there was a way that you could move the picture with it so I tried that. It was a very tedious process but I did it but realized when I watched the video back to see my work that none of the changes that I made actually took to the movie. (I must’ve forgot to save the changes along the way? IDK). I watched a lot of other videos explains how to blur things out and they all other didn’t work, they looked like too much work, or I simply didn’t have the tools to do them.

One of the alternatives I though of was to find a green screen video or picture to cover it. After I tried and successfully covered the license plate I realized that the video I used looked weird and random. It wasn’t something that I wanted in this particular video. (It was a video of Snoop Dog dancing). I found a couple of other alternatives but couldn’t get them to work properly. It’s a good thing I like to edit because I would’ve given up a long time if I didn’t. I’ve just concluded that maybe I shouldn’t film things that I need to blur out in the first place. But here’s another video of me filming the back of cars!! :/

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