The Beginning of my Blossom

So, I’ve had my digital portfolio for a while now. I never really knew what to do with it or how I could make it different from the standard blog. I was never passionate enough about a project in class to want to put it up on my domain so for the longest time my digital portfolio has just sat with nothing much on it. I’m not much of a writer so I felt like if I were to just write a post without an engaging visual or auditorial component it would be trash.

Then one day, almost out of no where, I got the idea to use what I’m actually passionate about up on my domain which is music. So I did!! I put one of the first songs that ( I ever made on  MY domain, flaws and all. By doing this I want to track my progress as a music producer. I wanna be able to see how good I can get in a short amount of time.

Then on a completely different day I got the idea to put short videos on my website to document my life or to start a dialogue about certain topics. I feel so slow for just now thinking of doing this because I really enjoy editing and filming. So this is the beginning of the blossom of my digital portfolio FINALLY. I’m so late because I am in my junior year but hey…better late than never.

So, let’s talk about the video and my background in editing.

First of all, What is my problem? It looks like I am running for my life in this video. I promise I have edited before but I figured that I would upload even my mistakes. I want this to be about my process in music and my video filming and editing so mistakes will be there. I have not intent on polishing EVERYTHING. I may even re edit a video and upload both of them. I want my mistakes to be evident because I want the progress to be evident.

I started editing in middle school on iMovie but even before that, my cousin, my brother and I would film videos because of boredom. At first we would just film in one take and then watch it at the end all on my cousins phone. Then my Mom bought my dad a camera (that he never used) so I started using that camera. I remember one day, after we were done filming, I just put the footage on the computer and I started editing and I learned iMovie pretty quickly. By the end of that summer we had probably like ten videos, never more than ten minutes, that were edited. I took a short class about movie making that advanced my skills even further with camera angles and things like that. When making the movies, I served as the producer, the script writer, the camera person, the editor and an actress sometimes. I might even upload some of the old movies that we made if I can find them. (There’s a video of my brother dancing to single ladies with heels and everything.) Fast forward to now, even though I haven’t filmed and edited movies in a long, long time, I have so much knowledge from when I was younger that it’s not hard for me to jump back into it.


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